Seeds for cereal grains

At ATR Landhandel we produce our own certified seeds (C1 Seed), and uphold our high-level quality standards by using modern, audited production plants. A broad assortment of commercial seeds complements our product range. The selection of seeds marketed is based on the results of our clients’ practical experiences, local variety trials, and our own ATR variety trials. Further information regarding trial results can be obtained from our ATR staff members in the seeds division.


ATR Landhandel serves as multiplier and has set up multiplications of spring and winter cereals in the federal states of Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania, covering more than 3,000 ha.

Quality assurance is the top priority at ATR’s production plants in Weddingstedt and Sanitz – from sowing the foundation seed, to obtaining field recognition, all the way to the acceptance of the seeds delivered by the propagators.

ATR’s propagation companies are mostly long-standing partners with regard to seed propagations. Some also produce seed stocks using pre-stage material.


After the consistency has been checked, our professional staff processes the raw material delivered by propagators in 6 processing stations in certified devices to approved and therefore marketable seeds.

We deliver the processed seeds to our clients in bags holding 50 kg or FIBC (Big Bags) holding 500 or 1,000 kg. Both ATR plants in Sanitz and Weddingstedt are KWS Quality Plus processing stations and underwent a complex certification process in 2011.

Further ATR processing stations

  • Hubertus Paetow in 17179 Finkenthal
  • Nordsaat Agrarges. mbH in 18569 Granskewitz
  • Nordsaat Agrarges. mbH in 24238 Martensrade
  • Agrargenossenschaft Köchelstorf in 19217 Köchelstorf