ATR trading cereal grains and oilseeds

ATR Landhandel is one of the largest private originators of grain and rapeseed in Germany.Our services include risk management for farmers, logistics from the farm to the final customer, grain storage, and quality management.The quality wheat we source, typically the German A, B and E varieties, and part of the barley are shipped via our deep water ports in Rostock and Lübeck in vessels carrying 70,000 tons or more.

Our main customers in recent years are located in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Sub-Saharan African countries. In the European market we are an active player and serve customers in many countries with coaster shipments out of our ports along the Baltic coast from Lübeck, Rostock, Wolgast, Szczecin, Darlowo, and Gdansk/Gdynia. In addition we serve the domestic market in Germany with milling wheat and milling rye. The feed grain we purchase is mostly used in our own compound feed plants, whereas the rapeseed is sold to customers in the oilseed crush industry.

A quality management process that goes well beyond legal requirements, a flexible production that allows individually composed feed ratios for individual livestock needs, and a just in time logistic are the key factors for our success.

We operate under the GMP+B3 standard.
Zertifikat GMP+ (certificate GMP).

The sustainability certification is done under REDcert.
Nachhaltigkeitszertifikat REDcert