Sieving plant for fertilisers

Our sieving plant at the ATR depot in Rostock’s fishing port enables fine sieving of fertilisers while simultaneously bagging them in FIBC (Big Bags).

Fertilisers delivered by manufacturers may contain a high percentage of dust as a result of the production process and transport. Nowadays, the application of fertilisers places high demands on the quality of fertilising products, due to modern technologies and processes. Especially the new spreading technology using pneumatic or strip tillage requires nearly dust-free products. In order to guarantee smooth spreading, granulated and prilled fertilisers should contain no dust.

Since 2012, the ATR depot located in Rostocks’s fishing port houses a fine sieving plant for fertilisers. This fine sieving plant enables ATR to provide its clients the option of filtering fine particles below 1.5 mm out of fertilisers. By sieving, ATR guarantees that high-quality fertilisers are delivered, without the risk of “clogging” or the “formation of bridges” in the machinery.

If desired, sieved fertilisers can be bagged using an in-line operation process and supplied in various sizes of FIBCs (Big Bags), containing between 500 and 1,000 kg.