ATR animal feed’s quality management

ATR Futtermittel GmbH & Co. KG sees itself as an important link in the food supply chain from the farmer to the sales counter (feed for food). With the consistent application of our quality management guidelines we want to ensure product security, customer satisfaction, and the successful development of our company in the long run.

When developing and applying our QM system, our focus lies on directing all business activities towards the demands and expectations of our clients. We are convinced that the success of our clients, accomplished by the quality and reliability of our products and services, is fundamental to our business success.

The ATR Futtermittel (animal feed) GmbH & Co. KG is certified according to Q+S at all German locations. At the locations Ratzeburg and Golzern we have obtained the additional certification according to the KAT standard. In Golzern, Husum, Ratzeburg, and Wolgast we also produce mixed feed according to the VLOG standard.

Compliance with the individual standards is verified by means of regular monitoring audits carried out by the certification organisations. Among other things, the appropriateness of the receiving inspections and the storage of raw materials are controlled, as well as the security of producing mixed feed – with a special emphasis on food and feed hygiene. Product transport and in-house documentation are also controlled.

Our quality management system is based on:
  • Careful selection of suppliers and raw materials: producers, traders, and freight carriers of raw materials are certified or approved according to QS guidelines; farmers delivering directly to us must to comply with our quality agreements.
  • Risk-oriented inspection plans are implemented in the raw materials and manufactured goods divisions, including several internal and external tests for undesirable substances such as i.e. mycotoxins, dioxin, plant protection residues, and heavy metals.
  • Systematic controlling of raw materials and manufactured goods regarding ingredients in order to secure the performance of our animal feed.
  • Qualified staff members and continuous staff training and education.