ATR feed for heifers

When it comes to heifers, the younger animals are normally fed dairy feed concentrates. You will find more details about this in our product information. Moreover, the adopted intensity plays an especially important role when rearing heifers. We recommend discussing this issue with our technical advisers on-site.

ATR dairy feed concentrates

When supplementing concentrated feed for heifers, ATR Landhandel offers concentrates for dairy feeds with 6.7 and 7.0 MJ NEL. Practical experience has repeatedly shown that it makes sense to use feed concentrates with high-energy concentrations for heifers as well, to prevent the replacement of staple feed.

Eine Zusammenlegung von Rationen aus dem Jungrinderbereich und Rationen der Milchkühe kann die Fütterung auf dem Betrieb vereinfachen.

Feeding heifers and dairy cows the same rations can simplify the feeding process on dairy farms. Our ATR technical advisors have valuable tips for you regarding the calculation of rations.

If necessary, we can evaluate your heifer stock together with the farm manager, based on weight estimations and using a measuring tape. After determining the current weight, birth date, and the resulting calculated daily weight gain, this data can then be compared to ideal weight increases in each respective weight section and suitable recommendations can be made. An example in form of a table:

Example evaluation of heifer stock

ATR mineral feeds – components

In the last years, supplying minerals according to individual requirements has often been neglected. Intensive rearing is necessary whenever a first-calf-age of 24 months is desired. High daily weight gains and high fertility of the animals to be mated require an adequate supply of minerals and trace elements.

You will find a range of varieties in the ATR mineral feed product line, which can be used to supplement various staple rations to meet feeding requirements.

Our expert cattle advice team can calculate rations and recommend the appropriate mineral feed, while also checking that the feed contains the correct levels of protein and energy based on individual needs.

Heifer ration
ATR mineral feeds
ATR mineral feeds with hydroxy trace elements

Normi mineral licks

To enable the supply of grazing heifers with minerals, ATR offers mineral licks to which the animals have free access. The products from our manufacturer Normi are not based solely on molasses, but on a mixture of whey and molasses. This allows the mineral licks to keep their elasticity longer, so they are less prone to ruptures and have a longer shelf life.

Declaration mineral licks