ATR expert cattle advice

Structure and working method of the ATR expert cattle advice team and the value they offer our customers

The ATR expert cattle advice team encompasses seven technical advisors specialised in cattle. The team covers ATR Landhandel’s service regions by providing consulting services for our clients. The technical advisers can be contacted directly by farmers, or contact can be initiated by ATR’s sales force. They are also responsible for selling ATR products to selected farms.

Areas of consulting by the ATR expert cattle advice team
  • Assessment of bulk feed using silage samples (sampling, shipping, analysing)
  • Assessment of herd and current housing conditions
  • Ration determination based on bulk feed attestation and quantity indications of the operating manager (German and Dutch protein evaluation system)
  • Assessment of present feeding based on dairy results, LKV results, and additional management evaluations of the farm
  • Analysis of feeding based on financial indicators, and efficiency
  • Analysis, evaluation, and recommendations for calf and heifer rearing
  • Analysis and discussion with veterinarian and farmer concerning existing problems

We try to design a productive and healthy feeding plan for dairy cows in cooperation with the farmers by providing practical, competent consultations, combined with our expertise and knowledge of farm products. With our recommendations for intensive calf rearing and intensity-customized heifer rearing, we want to produce productive dairy cows reaching high lifetime daily yields.

Contacts ATR expert cattle advice

Helmut Pförtner
Expert cattle advice
Productmanagement cattle

Tel.: +49 (0)163 2870 086

Carsten Langholz
Expert cattle advice

Tel.: +49 (0)163 2870-085

Marcella Jeske
Expert cattle advice

Tel.: +49 (0)163 2870-167

Insa Klink
Expert cattle advice

Tel.: +49 (0)163 2870-201

Silke Wachs
Expert poultry/cattle advice

04668 Grimma OT Golzern
Tel.: +49 (0)163 2870-232

Thomas Bock
Expert cattle advice

Tel.: +49 (0)163 2870-200