ATR calf rearing concept

We know, what our calves are capable of!

Significantly greater daily weight gains serve as the foundation for a more productive dairy cow:

  • Stronger, great vitality and health
  • Greater metabolic performance with reduced fatty degeneration
  • Improved fertility
  • Higher milk yield, longer production lifespan > increased lifetime daily yield
The calf rearing program at a glance

Management preconditions for implementing intensive rearing and maximising the utilisation of genetic potential:

  • Skilled personnel for calf rearing
  • Feeding dry cows according to individual needs
  • Vaccinations during pregnancy (in cooperation with supervising veterinarian)
  • Maximum hygiene for calving, immediate removal of calf from the calving area
  • Housing in clean, disinfected individual hutches
  • Optimal supply of beesting (2-3 l up to 3 h, 5-6 l up to 12 h from first milking)
  • Can be used for feeding via bottle or bucket or by feeder
  • Regular intensive calf monitoring

Feed for consistent calf rearing:

  • CowFit „Expert”: > 1,000 g/day milk powder & ATR Kälber Vital Plus (ATR Calf Vital Plus)
  • CowFit „Future”: > 1,500 g/day milk powder & ATR Kälber Vital Plus (ATR Calf Vital Plus)

Compliance with the abovementioned management stipulations and the implementation of the “Future” concept leads to improved daily weight gains and healthy organ development in calves. Therefore increased milk yields can be expected of the future dairy cows.

Improved treatment in rearing phase 1 can lead to extra daily weight gains of 200 g/day!

This means:

  • Higher resilience – fewer health problems
  • Improved development of organs – safe early calving age
  • More udder tissue – higher yield

The Dummerstorfer Trial at the Research Centre for Agriculture and Fishery in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Landesforschungsanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Fischerei in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) and the enterprises Sloten Deutschland and ATR Landhandel (carried out on the Dummerstorf estate)

Calf milk Sprayfo Royal (167 g/l) – refer to feeding plan “Future” concept

  • Up to 8.0 l feed/animal/day until the age of 42 days
  • Up to > 1,300 g of milk powder/animal/day

Feeding plans for the varieties CowFit "Expert” and CowFit "Future” are provided by our sales team and our expert cattle advice team.

ATR calf rearing feed

ATR Kälbermüsli (ATR Calf Muesli) and ATR Kälber Vital (ATR Calf Vital Plus) are calf rearing feeds which, beside the concentrated feed variety, are also available as “Kälber TMR“ (Calf TMR, plus varieties). These contain 10% straw, which accounts for approximately 50% of the volume.

Our ATR sales force will be happy to provide you with the feeding plans for the calf rearing feeds, which we recommend and have tested in trials.

The concentrated feed variety ATR Kälber Quickstart (ATR Calf Quick Start) with 11.2 MJ ME and 20.0% crude protein is exclusively available in the form of 5 mm pellets.

Calf rearing
ATR Kälber Vital Plus (Calf Vital Plus)

ATR milk substitutes

We have various milk powder products available for the colustrum-feeding period. Besides skimmed milk powder substitutes, we also offer high-quality milk substitutes containing whey powder, which can be used immediately after the colustrum phase.

The technical advisers of the various suppliers will be happy to provide advice regarding these products or answer your questions concerning calf feeding and rearing. Furthermore, our ATR expert cattle advice team can answer your questions, too.

In 2011, ATR conducted 15 calf workshops at different agricultural enterprises, combining theory and practice.

Are you interested in participating in one of our calf workshops? Please feel free to contact us!

Milk powder

Milk powder product line Sprayfo
Milk powder product line Normi

Normi mineral licks

In cases where a sufficient supply of minerals cannot be guaranteed, e.g. for grazing animals, a mineral licking block is one way to ensure that basic nutritional needs are met. For this purpose we have following the following item in stock:

Declaration mineral licks