ATR beef cattle feed

Besides the ATR beef cattle feed listed in our brochure, our technical advisors develop customized mixtures in cooperation with the farmer, which are produced specifically for their farm.

Beef cattle feed

Our line of ATR beef cattle feeds encompasses feed varieties with protein contents of 14 to 30% and energy contents of 10.2 and 10.8 MJ ME. The varieties ATR 24/II and 30/II are exclusively used in rations with very high proportions of maize silage, in order to secure protein supply. In these rations the energy is mainly provided by the maize silage.

The ATR varieties with energy contents of 10.8 MJ ME guarantee specific starch contents, based on the components’ regulations, so that the rations with a higher proportion of grass silage can still meet requirements.

In addition to its natural contents, the ATR beef cattle feed contains minerals, trace elements, and vitamins. A ration calculation can show whether mineral feed and feeding lime need to be supplemented.

An increasing number of beef cattle farmers have been asking our ATR technical advisers to check the existing feeding rations or calculate new ones, once new results for the staple feeds that are used become available. This is usually done on a yearly basis.

Here we show an example of a ration calculation for a Holstein bull with a live weight of 400 kg and a target daily gain weight of 1,200 g:

Ration bull fattening

ATR mineral feeds – components

Besides using mineral feed varieties for dairy cows, special mineral feed is increasingly being used by active bull fatteners to increase intensity. For this purpose ATR has developed a bull- fattening mineral with an increased cobalt-content of 80 mg and 3,000 mg of vitamin E per kg of feed, R 7235 (application quantity of 80–100 g per animal and day).

The high calcium content of 23% is meant to balance out the calcium requirement – usually in the maize-based ration. The high cobalt content leads to an increased feed intake, vitamin E leads to improved immunity (“epithelium protection vitamin”) and improved build up of muscle tissue.

B 7235 bull mineral

We still recommend our R 7570 AS 10 (application quantity 50–100 g per animal and day) as the mineral feed for bull fattening of medium intensity or as a supplement to the quantities of minerals, trace elements, and vitamins found in the bull feed concentrate.

ATR mineral feeds
ATR mineral feeds with hydroxy trace elements