At home in the Baltic

The Baltic Sea has become a leading market place for grain, feedstuffs, and oilseeds. Its global importance is marked by the amount of exports of milling wheat and barley into the Middle East, the African continent, and elsewhere. The volumes exported are impressive and due to its maritime climate and solid infrastructure the region is the most stable and reliable exporter even in years when other regions fail to deliver.  The Baltic is the region where ATR Landhandel is at home. 

We source our grain and oilseeds in Germany, Poland, and Denmark directly from the farms and therefore represent the link between local production and our customers around the globe. When partnering with ATR Landhandel our customers benefit from our supply chain. We own and manage 90 warehouses and export silos in ports such as Rostock, Lübeck, Wolgast, and Aarhus. Our goods are hauled by a fleet of over 100 trucks and 4 seagoing vessels.