The business of ATR Landhandel is centered around agriculture. We deliver compound feed, seed, fertilizer, plant protection, and other products to farmers. A team of over 100 sales representatives and experts in livestock feeding and agronomy serves the need of farmers.  

ATR Landhandel has become the private supplier with the largest direct sales volume of agricultural inputs in Germany. Wheat is the most important crop on the farms in our region, followed by rapeseed and barley. ATR Landhandel supplies farmers with the inputs they need. 

In its six plants, located in Denmark as well as in Northern and Eastern Germany, ATR Landhandel produces close to 1,000,000 tons of compound feed per annum.

About 20,000 tons of seeds are multiplied and processed by ATR Landhandel, we sell about 600,000 tons of fertilizer, and we are among the largest distributors of plant protection products. 

We operate our own field trials to test new seed varieties, fertilizers, and plant protection strategies to provide the farmers with first hand information. 

ATR Landhandel is one of the largest private originators of grain and rapeseed in Germany.